People aren’t born knowing what beauty is. Instead, the images projected to us as we grow up create our definition of ‘beauty.’ Now more than ever, young girls and boys are being exposed to our society’s image of ‘perfect’ beauty. In most cases, however, this image is unattainable. The media certainly plays a role in the self-esteem and body image issues relating to young people, but we allow ourselves to be affected by what we see in a magazine or on TV. So, what is true beauty? It comes from within; be prepared to feel empowered by Zoya’s talk!


ZoyaJiwaAt age 17, Zoya is a compassionate individual who is determined to make a positive difference in the world around her. She is dedicated to leadership-oriented roles focused on humanitarian efforts locally and globally. Zoya is enthusiastic about topics such as body image, homelessness issues and environmental sustainability. Her accomplishments include running as a torchbearer in Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympic games and attending the Minerva Foundation’s ‘Learning to Lead BC’ Conference. In addition, Zoya contributes hundreds of hours of volunteer service to her school, community and the Ismaili Muslim community.