Wesley Graham

Youth Movements – A New Way Of Thinking

Graham Wesley is currently a grade twelve student at St. George’s School in Vancouver. He has a fundamental belief in the capability of human ingenuity to solve global issues, and a passion to “help kids to help kids” by tapping into the knowledge of experienced leaders and innovators. In May of 2015, Graham learned of the harsh reality of global food and water shortage; he was then inspired to do something about it. He took matters into his own hands and started his own movement, the 5×5 Project, that demonstrates local youth can make an immediate impact to the world.
Graham’s talk, “Youth Movements – A New Way of Thinking,” is about the power of youth movements as new ways of solving global issues. He would like to challenge the fact that experience, adulthood, and education are needed to identify and solve an issue. He hopes his talk will encourage youth to shine a light on issues that are wrong in the world.
With his 5×5 Project, great strides can be made in little time if one sets their mind to solving a problem they are passionate about. Graham would like to challenge his generation to pursue issues and make them their own; discovering a unique and powerful way which youth can change the world.

Connect with Wesley on Twitter @5x5Project