Vidaluz Nacho

My Own Business at Age 10

Vidaluz Nacho is a 17-year-old high school student who is creative, determined and passionate about all things business. She enjoys meeting new people and participating in conversation and considers it one of her greatest assets. In her spare time, Vidaluz likes to write reviews on YouTube and working with children younger than her.

Vidaluz’s talk “My Business at Age 10” is all about her passion for business and how this passion has lived with her since she can remember. When Vidaluz was in the fifth grade, she created her own business that brought her a confidence and joy that she never knew existed. However, in her talk you’ll learn about how her business was put on hold due to her immigration and learning to speak a new language. Now that she is in her final year of graduation, Vidaluz has realized the importance of sticking to what you love and following your passion.

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