Veronika Copping

The Juice Box Project

At 11 years of age, Veronika Copping is an extraordinary young leader and experienced speaker. Through growing her popular Juice Box recycling program at her school, Veronika has inspired others to join her in raising funds and has sponsored over 50 wheelchairs for children with disabilities in Guatemala. In 2013, Veronika was invited to travel to Guatemala to learn more about the people and region, and see the impact of her project of the wheelchair recipients.

Veronika’s talk  “The Juice Box Project” began when she was just a small child, asking her parents to stop her stroller and pick up pop cans she spotted on the street. Then in the first grade, she was even more upset to find that juice boxes weren’t being recycled and as a result she would collect her classmates’ empty juice boxes and take them home. Eventually, she was collecting her entire schools’ empty juice boxes. After 5 years of doing this, she finally had the opportunity to visit Guatemala and meet many of the children her and her school had sponsored wheelchairs for as a result of the many juice boxes collected. Veronika hopes that through this talk she can inspire other children to do the same and make this a larger project.

Connect with Veronika at juiceboxproject@gmail.com
Visit her at  www.juiceboxproject.wordpress.com