What did your city look like 100 years ago? Would you have envisioned and created it to look and work the way it does today? We live in a world where our homes are constantly changing: as the population increases, our cities are transforming around us. With an estimated 50% of the world’s population living in cities, we must create and rethink solutions to make our ways of living in cities more sustainable. Veronika will talk about how throughout these growing changes, it is an opportunity for all citizens to not only be empowered and engaged, but also excited to contribute to positive change in our communities, creating the ultimate urban sustainability.


Veronika is a passionate 17-year-old who is determined to make a positive difference in the world around her! After changing schools for a yearlong Outdoor and Environmental Education Program in grade 10, Veronika became passionate about sustainability and since then has dedicated herself to spreading awareness and taking action for the environment. She loves to learn and believes in turning knowledge into action; she co-created an innovative youth conference, Plan-It Earth, about urban sustainability in 2010 and 2011, and works with Metro Vancouver to make schools across the region greener. Veronka’s hobbies include photography, sports, learning cheesy jokes, and biking along the Vancouver seawall.