Health research has traditionally focused on dysfunction and illness. In contrast, positive psychology seeks to identify factors that contribute to and promote well-being, including happiness, life satisfaction, and hope. So what actually makes a child happy? Are children in Africa as happy as the children in Canada? We often assume that impoverished children cannot possibly be as happy as their wealthy counterparts. Tim spent months in Zambia to seek answers on this stereotype.


Tim Krupa A truth seeker, Tim Krupa first travelled to Zambia to help create clubs in rural communities for underprivileged youth; he was pleasantly shocked by how content and happy the children were despite their economic and health challenges. As a result of his findings, he returned back to Zambia to seek the answers he longed for. This project blends his passions for science, sports, travel and being outdoors. 

Tim is pursuing a Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia where works as a physics teaching assistant, residence advisor and event coordinator. He serves on the UBC Board of Governors, formulates policy at Model United Nations forums and leads a Young Liberals chapter. He intends to pursue graduate studies to continue building capacity and knowledge in developing nations through research, activism and policy.