Tienlan Sun

Project AquaticConnect: Community building through passion

Tienlan was born in Taiwan, where there are streams full of tropical fishes for everyone to enjoy. Since coming to Canada, he’s noticed that not a lot of streams and rivers are publicly accessible to everyone. Having fishes in an aquarium help Tienlan experience that same feeling he had being next the streams in Taiwan. Tielan’s talk, “Project Aquatic Connect: Community Building Through Passion,” will focus on his DIY projects and how it can change people’s’ lives.
Tienlan will share and explain why DIY projects can be a great platform for community bonding and interaction. In his talk, he will describe the main components to transforming a successful DIY project into a platform for community building.
To him, “regeneration” means to inspire others to reach their full potential or to motivate others to do something they wouldn’t have done before. “Project Aquatic Connect: Community Building Through Passion” aims to motivate others to make a difference in their community through creative and innovative DIY projects.

Connect with Tienlan on Twitter @projaquaconnect