Directors of ArtQuake, Jannika and Tahia will piece together the elements of a transformed community. A community where every individual is a vehicle for change fuelled by their own creative expression. They have an unwavering belief in the potential of youth to connect with their communities, inspire innovative solutions through art and act towards a brighter world. This talk will highlight creative leadership as the tool for re-shaping community spaces and embracing the power of the human potential for change.


Tahia Ahmed/Jannika NybergJannika Nyberg and Tahia Ahmed are Co-Directors of ArtQuake, a local youth driven non-profit organization. As self- identified youth, the duo strives to be active members of their community where they engage their peers in creative leadership. With her dreamer-doer spirit, Tahia is able to envision a just world and actively pursue it. Complimentary to Tahia, Jannika energizes her community by cultivating meaningful connections between the arts sector and young change-makers to promote collaboration, in hopes of catalyzing sustainable change.