Stefan Zubovic

It’s Fun to Do the Impossible

A 17-year-old artist and creative designer, Stefan Zubovic’s passion is to combine different technologies together to create narrative shows and visual spectacles. Stefan felt he was a creative individual at heart when he began creating firework shows in his living room, using his hands. As he grew older, the living room spectacles ceased, but his passion for creativity persisted. He loves to laugh hard and chase his dreams and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

Stefan’s talk “It’s Fun to Do the Impossible” will bring you on a journey to Disneyland, where Stefan saw his first water show which inspired him to begin his own nighttime shows. He will let you in on his challenges and setbacks that he encountered when creating his first spectacle. He will also discuss how his first project embarked him on new creative venture such as designing the lighting for BC Place Stadium. He hopes that through his story he can show other kids and youth that it is possible to achieve your goals, despite the setbacks and challenges that come along.

His show is supported by www.globalme.net