Meet Our 2016 Partners:

Why Partner With Us?

At TEDxKids@BC we’re interested in building a trusting and long-term partnership with organizations that will help us provide a great experience during our events. We would like to work with partners that are passionate about investing in youth and would like to continue to work with us to create opportunities for empowering children and authentic learning.

In the previous years, we partnered with organizations that have supported us financially, provided their products and services as in-kind support and even brought resources and their staff to create a great and engaging experience for our audience during the breaks. Check our amazing 201120122013, and 2014 partners to find out who they are.

Sponsorship Opportunities for TEDxKids@BC 2016

Our next event is scheduled Spring 2016. We need support from organizations to help us turn this event into the inspiring and engaging experiences we strive to provide for our guests. This year we’re aiming to bring the TEDxKids@BC experience closer to as many audiences around British Columbia as possible by providing a live webcast of the main event through our website and through locally organized satellite events that will enhance the live viewing experience by bringing communities together to watch our talks and even add their own local speakers and activities.

We are a not-for-profit organization and all our team members put countless hours in organizing the events without any material compensation for their work. However, we still have costs that require financial support from our partners. Our goal is to make our events accessible to everyone by making the tickets free for the audience. To accomplish this, we need the support of organizations that can fund some of the cost by providing us with financial sponsorship.

While financial sponsorship is important for us to be able to organize an event of our scale, we have many opportunities for in-kind donations including but not limited to event props, technical equipment rentals, printing needs, etc. If you feel that the financial option is not possible but you might help in some other way please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We appreciate that without the support of our sponsors TEDxKids@BC would not be possible. Therefore, we would like to offer a selection of opportunities to recognize their support on our website, printed materials, during the event, etc.

If you’re interested in sponsoring us, please contact Goran Kimovski at or 778.995.6047.

We’d like to use this page to thank all of our partners that have come on board so far to help with our 2014 event. If interested in partnering with us, we still have a number of opportunities – contact Goran Kimovski at or 778.995.6047 to find out how you can help.