Our food has become faceless and jet-lagged, traveling thousands of miles just to reach our plate. It’s the product of conventional agriculture, a toxic and lifeless system that has become the greatest emitter of greenhouse gases on the planet. But urban farms and their young farmers are leading the way in bringing new life into our food system. This is especially true in Vancouver. As a sixteen-year old city kid turned farmer, Sophia is offering a new perspective on climate change, sharing some of the amazing solutions being explored on our city’s urban farms


Sophia VartanianSophia Vartanian is a curious and creative young urban farmer who loves everything about food – eating it, talking about it, cooking it and growing it. A student at Prince of Wales Mini School and a regular volunteer at University
of British Columbia (UBC) Farm, she is involved in many initiatives focused on sustainability. Having been hired by the City of Vancouver to help organize the April’s 2012 YouthPolitik Conference, Sophia continues to explore a variety of ways to empower youth. She is very passionate about urban organic farming and firmly believes that agriculture will be what tips the scale in terms of our future and climate change.