At the beginning of 2012, Selin participated on an environmental expedition to Antarctica. 100 students, experts, polar explorers, artists, and scientists travelled to the seventh continent to learn about climate change from a first-hand perspective and fall in love with the beauty of the land. From sitting with penguins to carrying out meteorology research atop an ice cap to collaborating with other change-makers, the experience impacted Selin on many levels. In her talk about her trip to the end of the world, Selin hopes to inspire the same wonder she felt in Antarctica and share a message about the power of youth.


Selin is an insatiably curious high school student from Coquitlam, BC, passionate about social and environmental justice. She likes exploring ways to engage people and solve problems through spoken word poetry, animation, and projects at the intersection of science, art and technology. She is involved in a food security project at her high school, the effort to make Antarctica the first carbon neutral continent, and the organization of TEDxKids@BC. Selin recently returned from an environmental expedition to Antarctica, and shares thoughts about her experiences on her blog, selinjessa.tumblr.com.