The modern day superhero surge is upon us, a call for a ‘re-invention’ into a new era of global and ethnic identity of social crusaders. There is a superhero in all of us; one who keeps us grounded, gives us strength, makes us noble and unlocks the desire to make a difference. Superheroes continue to capture our imagination in mainstream society and are imbued with superhuman powers that challenge the laws of space and time offering us a glimpse into our hidden potential towards ‘saving the world.’ We are the SuperHuman-itarians. This is the story of my Superhero alter-ego ASHA and her pursuit for truth through sport philanthropy and social justice, an idea I call RUN4ACAUSE.


Sarah is a freelance do-gooder of all things bucket list and philanthropically inclined: (a) Coach, (a) Compassion Warrior, (a) Superhero Humanitarian, (an) Ultarunner, and (an) Advocate for Play. Sarah is a social crusader with a ten year passion project to raise $1 million dollars before the age of 35. Harnessing the power behind the sports philanthropy movement, her RUN4ACAUSE goal is simple: to showcase the direct impact WE can make by empowering our youth to transform their world by mobilizing them to engage in cultural exchange, gain a global perspective, and create and lead social change through the art of SUPERHERO sport and play.