Richard LoatAn MBA graduate, Loat’s passion and drive continues to extend beyond the books as he works to drive social change. Volunteering with ShelterBox, a disaster relief program as a trained humanitarian aid worker, and an active member of the Youth Entrepreneur Community in Vancouver, Loat’s focus lies within the future of tomorrow. A visionary leader and one of Canada’s youngest executives Richard Loat is a life long learner who has channeled his passion and drive for helping others as he founded Five Hole for Food, a Canadian non-profit organization. One of the fastest-growing non-profit organizations in the game, Five Hole for Food travels across the country every summer with taped sticks, hockey nets and a goal of generating food donations through the game of hockey. In just three years, their rapid growth has resulted in over half a million pounds (500,000 LBS) of donated food for food banks across Canada all by harnessing the power and potential of social media. 

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Everybody has a story a story to tell, we just have to be willing to listen. You have a story too. However, too often we confine ourselves to a mould or preconceived set of rules. If it isn’t broken, we don’t fix it. Why not? You have a story too. Stop restricting it, take off the leash, and let it write itself. What are you waiting for?