Registration Lead


Responsibilities of the Registration Lead are listed below but not limited to:

  • Registration website/form management
  • Create online attendees registration application form by using a program
  • Approve attendee applications for individuals and groups
  • Determine ticket pricing
  • Determine the number of tickets for sponsors, media, early bird pricing, and regular pricing
  • First point of contact for registration inquiries
  • Draft/update registration FAQ


At TEDxKids@BC we are open to offering guidance and supporting each of our volunteers. We are not looking for professionals but those who are passionate about what we do and self motivated to help build the best event for kids and youth in our provence.

The ideal Operations Coordinator will have flexibility in occasional meetings throughout the week based on project requirements. Most communication is organized through a web app called Slack.

For questions or to apply, please send us an email to volunteers@tedxkidsbc.com