Noah Diguangco

Kids Can Too

Noah Diguangco is an 8-year-old businessman.  He is the proud older brother of his three siblings and loves to lead by example. When he grows up, Noah aspires to be a genetic engineer. In his spare time, he likes reading, learning about dragons and swimming.

Noah’s talk “Kids Can Too” is all about how he started a business at a ripe age of 7. He will give you insight into his business of making new crayons from old crayons and then how he sells them online, at craft fairs and in local stores. In one of the stores he sells his merchandise at, Noah is the youngest business owner to ever sell their products. Noah will remind everyone that anything is possible, at any age. He also hopes to remind everyone that he is just like any other 8-year-old kid and that you just have to look for opportunities and not to be scared of failure.

Connect with Noah on Instagram @godzillaisawesome