In the ninth grade, Mathew discovered his passion for science and mathematics. However, in an environment as distinct as high school, not every teenager shares or respects such an interest. Mathew describes how, despite peer pressure, embracing his inner science geek has led him to who he is today. It has led him to teach kids through Science AL!VE, showing to them that if they are interested in science, to go for it and never let stereotypes like being labeled a“geek” get in their way. To Mathew, if you are genuinely passionate or curious about something, never be shy about it, and never let anyone put you down. 

Note: Science AL!VE reached over 7700 youth in 2011, while its parent organization,
Actua, reaches over 225,000 annually.


Matthew TeohA human beatboxer, Mathew enjoys making weird noises. You might get tricked into thinking he swallowed an iPod, but his drum beats really do come from his mouth. When Mathew is not dropping beats, he is either toiling through his studies in Engineering Physics or teaching kids.
A second year student at Simon Fraser University (SFU), Mathew has tutored, volunteered with and instructed children throughout high school and first year of University. His overall goal is to spread the love for learning. He believes that in every child, there is a desire to learn. And with the desire to learn, there is the potential to succeed.