We live in a world where it can be easier to say No than Yes. We also live in a world beset with complex problems lacking easy answers. Saying Yes to new ideas within this context can be risky, but can also lead to creative new opportunities and inspiration.

Hear about how a provocative idea has traveled from Vancouver to the developing world, sparking a deeper conversation about the impact of our everyday consumer choices, and what its connection may be to our global future being shaped by girls.


Suzanne Siemens and Madeleine Shaw are longtime business partners, social entrepreneurs and award-winning green business leaders. They are the co-founders of Lunapads International, a small business specializing in eco friendly, body-positive alternatives to disposable feminine hygiene products as well as Pads4Girls, a social change initiative that supports education for girls in developing nations.
In January of 2012 Madeleine and Suzanne traveled to Uganda to learn more about the relationship between hygiene and education for girls, as well as seeing how some leading-edge social enterprises are using market-driven approaches to addressing developing world needs.