Jie Man

Panda Yoga

Jie’s yoga teaching experience started at 2014 when she was working as an early childhood educator at a French preschool in Vancouver B.C. As a preschool teacher she was looking for ways to teach young children to increase their motor skills in a safe way; to understand their own body, needs and emotions; to learn how to express themselves; mostly to be able to find peacefulness and mindfulness during a long day at daycare.

As soon as Jie finished the yoga teacher training at Langara College, she introduced yoga into her preschool class (3-4 years old). Interestingly, children loved to do yoga dances, yoga games, and read yoga stories together. Jie was surprised to witness the ability of young kids to rapidly learn new things by practicing mindfulness, by moving their body and exploring their senses. Since then, Jie is convinced that, yoga for kids complement the traditional teaching methods by enhancing their mental, social and physical development.

Jie is now teaching in several schools and community centres. Her wish is to incorporate yoga and language learning (fr/en/ch) into daily life of families, schools, and communities so kids, parents and teachers can use it as a tool to increase their well being.

Besides teaching yoga Jie loves to dance and sing, do pottery and gardening at community gardens and spending time with her families and friends.

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