TedXKids@BC2013 (2 of 8)

TEDxKids@BC is not organized by a small committee working behind closed doors. Everyone on our growing team is volunteering their time and using their skills to help in any way they can. But we need the help of our community too if we’re to make this a successful event and bring it close to people across BC and wider!

Regardless of your location, you’re welcome to become part of our family of supporters. These are just some examples of how you can get involved:

  • Teachers or youth leaders can apply for attendance and bring their students along -
    Due to our space limitations we can’t accommodate an entire class, but you could consider one of the next two options if your goal is to involve all of your students.
  • Student volunteers to help during the day -
    We will need lots of help to make sure everything runs smoothly and we would be happy to have students help us with activities like be ushering, morning registration, supporting the organizations putting activities during the breaks, working with the catering company and many other errands and stuff.
  • Organize a live viewing party for your class, school or community -
    We’re looking for champions that would be interested in organizing kids, parents, teachers and others to come together in their school (if possible), community center or other location that will let them follow the event through our live stream. If you want to have local talks or activities organized we would be happy to discuss few ideas with you. Contacts us at info@tedxkidsbc.com.
  • Filming & post-production -
    We’re looking for a school with a strong media program that can bring equipment and let students do the filming of all of the talks and performances during the day and then commit to edit them and prepare them according to the TED specs for upload on the TEDx Youtube channel. If you’re interested contact goran.kimovski@tedxkidsbc.com.
  • Student/youth reporters -
    We would love to have young people interviewing speakers or the audience on the day or write about the event in their local school or neighborhood magazine.
  • Spread the word -
    Email your friends, share the news about our event with your group or community, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, play tag with us! ;-)

You have another idea that is not listed here? Do not hesitate, tell us about it at info@tedxkidsbc.com!

Thank you from the TEDxKids@BC community for your support!