I have a young child, would TEDxKidsBC be suitable?
We have had some as young as 7 years old attend our conference and enjoyed it. We do our best to add a mix of talks, energizers and entertainment to engage all ages. There are two speaking portions of the day that are 2.5 hours long. If your child has difficulty sitting for a long period of time this conference may not be suitable but you can still tune in live stream on event day!

Can I attend if I am not a Kid?
We do have guardians, educators and professionals who attend the conference. We do encourage that if you are over 18 years old to attend with a youth so they can also experience the conference.

What should we expect at the conference?
TEDxKids@BC is a half day conference with a morning and afternoon portion in the theatre. There is an hour lunch between and workshops/activities at the end of the day. Each event is slightly different from the last. For more information on this years conference see the schedule and line up here.

I can only make it to a portion of the event, can I still attend?
To respect the speakers and performers we ask that you be present for the entire conference. Please contact if you have any concerns.


Can I bring a class or group to the event?
Yes! In the past we have had classes, organizations and group of friends/family attend. Now we have moved to a larger venue we are able to accommodate larger groups. Please contact for more information.

Why do I need to apply to attend?
By answering a few questions for us it helps us understand who our attendees are and how we can tailor the event to the right age group.

I applied to attend but did not get tickets, why?
Please contact for more information about your application.

Speakers & Performers

How old do I need to be to apply to speak?
There is no age limit for speakers and performers. If you have an idea or talent worth sharing we want to hear it!

What topics are suitable for the TEDx stage?
The topics should be relatable to kids and youth and should not include religious, political or promotional topics.
To get an idea of what we are looking for view our past speakers in our gallery page.

How long is a TEDxKids Talk?
On the TEDxKids stage talks are no longer then 12 minutes long and performances are under 6 minutes. We are looking for quality over quantity so a longer talk is not always better. If you do think your time will be over the time limit please let us know in your application.

I am nervous about speaking in public, can I still apply?
Most of our speakers have little to no experience in public speaking. We will provide one on one training with our Bolton Academy of Spoken Arts to help you prepare for your talk. PS. We also have an amazing back of house team to help shake off the nerves before you go on stage!

I have applied before, can I apply again?
Yes, if you feel you have something else to add to your past application or a new idea to share we encourage you to apply and let us know more about it.

Can we apply as a group?
Yes you can!

I am from out of town, can I still apply?
Please contact for more information.

What should I expect after I apply?
Our lovely speakers panel will review all applications after close date and arrange an audition date. Please check your email/junk mail regularly since this will be the main form of contact.


I would like to organize a live-steaming event. How do I do that?
Thank you for consider TEDxKids@BC! Please contact for more information about arranging a live steam event in your community

Who do I contact if I would like to participate in the conference?
If you are a youth related organization and would like to host a booth or activity please contact us at info@tedxkidsbc for more information

What kind of sponsorship are you looking for?
If you would like to sponsor our next conference or find out more about how you can support the event please reach out to Kima at There are a number of areas from monetary, media, food/beverage and equipment rentals that would greatly benefit the attendees and the student volunteers.