Evergreen Artist Panel
Colin Fehr Colin Fehr Colin Fehr is a young artist and youth arts activist from Port Moody, BC. Outside of his involvement with school and community theatre programs, Colin takes guitar and songwriting lessons, and is very involved in the student filmmaking scene. He is the founder and president of a youth performing arts organization, known as GOLIATH Performing Arts. Between GOLIATH and some of his other projects, Colin has been commended for his high level of professionalism and passion in his work, and is always eager to hear about what local young artists are up to.
Raiya JessaRaiya Jessa Raiya is a fourteen-year-old student who enjoys riding her bike, going online, and spending time with her family. Most of all, she loves feeling motivated and inspired. Last year she submitted her video ‘Women as Agents of Change’ to an international video competition and received the Silver Award. Now, currently in her grade nine year, she is hoping to show people how women are extremely valuable resources who are often not tapped on enough. Because of the past and present, it is proven that women are agents of change, and through her film Raiya hopes to convey this important message.
Tiana JungTiana Jung Tiana is a fourteen year old who lives and breathes the arts! This passionate love of hers has granted her lead roles in many productions, scholarships and awards at competitions, various performance opportunities, such as at the YVR airport, Golden Spikes Day, and at the PNE. She is so proud of her many accolades which include: The Most Promising Junior Voice at the Kiwanis Music Festival three years consecutively, placing 2nd in the Port Moody Idol 2010, and a scholarship to the Triple Threat Convention 2011. Tiana is dedicated to pursuing her dreams of becoming a professional performing artist!
Violet PatrichViolet Patrich I am a grade 12 student at Dr. Charles Best Secondary. I am passionate about all kinds of art, but mainly photography. I like taking photographs that offer people a perspective on different conceptions by creating elaborate stories and bringing together props, costumes, make up, paint, models and anything else that would make my story come to life. I like to do this because the images are not only interesting to the viewer but also provokes thought.
Siena Locher-LoSiena Locher-Lo I’m a Dr. Charles Best student in grade 12. My passion is representing “feeling” through paintings, illustrations, sculptures and digital medias. My art always features living things, especially human beings, because the expression and the movement of the figure are ideal for projecting emotion. I aspire to one day be capable of influencing the viewer to the extent of feeling joy, despair, inspiration, etc. In my opinion, being able to appreciate all your emotions, even the “bad” ones, is very important to happiness overall.