Caitlin Shaw 

The First Step: Finding Your Voice

Caitlin Shaw is a 16-year old girl from Summerland, who loves meeting new people, spreading laughter, traveling to new places, playing her music, and making the world a happier place through educating others about epilepsy.

Caitlin’s talk “The First Step: Finding Your Voice“ is about how embracing your weaknesses can make you stronger. She is a founding member of the Epilepsy Awareness Squad (http://easquad.org). The Epilepsy Awareness Squad website was created in June of 2013 after Caitlin spent a week in B.C. Children’s Hospital as a result of her epilepsy. She felt there was a need to increase awareness of the disorder and combat the stigma often associated with it, and as a result the squad was formed. As a youth initiative, she is determined to decrease the stigma and rumors surrounding epilepsy.

Connect with Caitlin on Twitter @sandpapersmiles