Breaking Anchor jazz quartet presents Live Music — The Receding Glaciers of the Art, a conscious discussion served to promote awareness for the decreasing appreciation of live music. Due to the dominance of business and technology, music has become so industrialized and accessible that people have no need to attend concerts. Live music provides an immersive atmosphere and many emotional connections that its digitalized counterparts cannot replicate. With a lack of demand for live music, musicians are struggling and the art of performing is deteriorating. The members of this quartet hope to share their passion for the performing arts and reignite live music in the communities.


Tony Wu — Playing his first trumpet note in the seventh grade, Tony knew it would become a lifelong love affair. Within two years of that first note, he switched from concert band to jazz as the technique and improvisation element intrigued him. With support from jazz teacher and mentor Ms. Balchen, Quartet Jazz was created. Playing for the community alongside his friends is a pastime Tony cherishes daily.

Adam Xiao — At the age of 4, Adam began his musical studies with the classical piano. As a result of his continuous efforts, he even achieved an ARCT performance level. As part of his elementary school band program, Adam learned to play the alto saxophone. Finding much success with this, he opted for the jazz band elective for first year high school. He credits his band teacher Ms. Balchen for introducing to him to the beauty of jazz music in addition to her continued support.

Derek Chan — From Burnaby, British Columbia, Derek is a lover of music, karate and outdoor exploration. At the age of 6, Derek first learned to play piano. Since then, he has also learned to play guitar, trumpet and bass guitar for his high schools jazz band. Lover of all live music, you can often find Derek catching or simply in his basement playing music with his friends. His favorite musicians vary in genres and include Miles Davis, Nobuo Uematsu, Said the Whale and Taylor Swift.

Florian Zhou — A grade twelve student and a 5-year music program participant, Florian most enjoys playing his guitar. Grateful and fortunate for having met his talented counterparts, Florian relishes in performing within the community as a self-organized student ensemble. His love for music does not go unnoticed and as a result he hopes to raise awareness in the potential music has to create change.