As the population of our province grows and becomes more diverse, discrimination inevitably becomes a problem that we must face. But how do stereotypes manifest themselves? To what extent is systematic oppression—a subject to which we often turn a blind eye—an issue in our society? In this talk, Angela examines the staircase of oppression, a model that was created to explore the roots and effects of discrimination. She also discusses the City of Vancouver’s strategy to combat all forms of discrimination to encourage a more peaceful and compassionate community through the creation of the citizenU program.


Angela Sun An International Baccalaureate student, Angela Sun’s greatest passion is social justice. This passion stems from her many travels, which have taken her to the peripheries of Asia, Europe and the Americas and have allowed her to witness poverty and oppression in many global contexts. She works with the City of Vancouver to run YouthPolitik and citizenU, which serve to educate youth on municipal politics and anti-discrimination strategies, respectively. An avid supporter of many organizations, Angela is a Kids Help Phone Student Ambassador, Vancouver Women’s Shelter volunteer, and Canadian Cancer Society campaigner to honor her mother, a breast cancer survivor). Angela is also an art enthusiast and has fervent interests in music, poetry, and film.