My school faced a problem:  An unruly Lost and Found space filled with multiple
examples of the same clothing, namely blue fleece cover-ups.  My goal was to
reinvent the process for labeling, sorting, storing and returning items that get left
behind at my school.  The solution involved applying a wearproof QR code that
contains critical information used to help reunite the lost item with the owner.
Teachers use a phone based QR app complete with automated parental notification
to make the magic happen.


Andrew HennessyAndrew is a curious 12-year-old finding ways tackle everyday challenges using technology: “My name is Andrew Hennessy.  I just turned 13 and I love using technology to solve problems.  I am fascinated with robotics and mechanical devices.  My older brother and I argue over who gets to see the latest issue of Popular Science first. ‘Mythbusters’ and ‘How Stuff Works’ dominate the DVR recordings at home and I am always thinking of new projects to create out of Make Magazine.  While I take school seriously, I also play soccer and roller hockey and run cross country.  I love cooking with my Mom and playing golf with my Dad.