Aanikh Kler

Undr The Radr Ringtones

The rethinking of business from greedy to giving is the ideal that Aanikh Kler strives for. Currently 16 years old, he believes that his generation should not wait, and does not need to wait until they “grow up” to start fostering change in the world. Thus at age 13 he created his first social entrepreneurial venture: UndrTheRadr Ringtones. UndrTheRadr is a ringtone App for iPhone/Android devices that gives its user a ringtone that generally only people under the age of 21 can hear. UndrTheRadr Ringtones donates 20 cents on a 99-cent download to Free-The-Children in support of their efforts to educate children all over the world who are truly living under-the-radar. In April 2013, at the age of 15, he was selected to pitch UndrTheRadr to over two million viewers on CBC ‘s Dragon’s Den. He was one of the youngest ever entrepreneurs in the history of Dragon’s Den to have successfully secured a deal with one of Canada’s top venture capitalists. Having maintained, updated and marketed UndrTheRadr from its launch in 2013 to present, he has become one of the youngest App developers ever to reach #2 most downloaded paid app on the ITunes App Store.

Inspired after a life-changing trip to Cambodia at age 13, and seeing child labor first hand, he wanted to use his education to make a difference. He has spent thousands of hours over the last three years (whilst being an active High-School Student) raising awareness through public speaking, media interviews, social media and blogging on how social entrepreneurship shifts the paradigm of business thinking and doing.

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