Nicole Yeung

Autistic Children in School Settings

Nicole, 13, is in Grade 8 at Eric Hamber Secondary School. She’s in the Studio Program. Her hobbies and passions include art, music, and speaking and bringing awareness to topics she is passionate about.
She intends to bring awareness on the topic of children struggling with autism with her talk “Autistic Children in School Settings”. Also the constant stares, teasing, and bullying that autistic children endure daily. We should not treat these children as children with diseases or problems. Children need education on these conditions and accept autistic children for who they are and give them support.
For Nicole regenerate means to give a new life or a positive effect and energy on something negatively looked upon or forgotten. She wants to regenerate the community with positive energy between autistic and non-autistic children. To be able to understand the struggle and hardship they endure, to look past our differences and to have positive interactions.