Joyce Zhu

I am a Time Traveller

Joyce Zhu immigrated to Canada with her family at five years old. Six months after, she fell in love with English. After many moves and school transfers, she ended up at Crofton House School. She was the messy haired kid with a “not” inside voice as she puts it. Ever since she could spell  her name, she’s been determined to write it in the most extravagant ways possible, by repeatedly jotting it down onto paper until she found her ultimate signature. In that way, hard work has been her loyal companion and curiosity is her best friend. She hopes to stick with them until the very end.

Through her talk, “I am a Time Traveler,” Joyce wishes to inform people the importance of the present, and the repercussions of neglecting it. Joyce’s first link between “regeneration” and her topic began with a Doctor Who reference. This eventually lead her to a conclusion: “we’re born in the present, but throughout our days and our lives, we gradually shift into a stance where we can only look forwards and backwards.”  Memories are important as well, but they are soon gone. The future has us on our toes with anticipation, but it is always unpredictable. The present is the only ‘essence’ we can control — one that belongs to us entirely. That’s why we must take advantage of it, enjoy it, love it, and cherish it to its full potential. Through her talk, Joyce hopes to help people learn to look around and regenerate, so we can finally live in the present.