Andrew Lin

Math, Mysteries, Minds, Monsters, and… Being Creative

Andrew Lin loves to think — no matter how nerdy it sounds — he loves it. He’s interested in the “obviously-cognitive-fields,” as he puts it, like: math, computer programming, physics, and science. He’s also interested in film theory, philosophy, creative writing, card tricks, comedy, and politics. He likely spends more time watching TV and browsing the internet than doing math or science (which his parents don’t know). Andrew really enjoys teaching others. He often finds himself caught up in giving educational rants to his friends.

Andrew’s TEDxKids@BC 2016 talk is called “Math, Mysteries, Minds, Monsters and… Being Creative.” Many students and teachers see math as boring, mundane, and difficult. Outside of school, Andrew sees math as completely the opposite; it’s a creative and engaging problem solving activity. He believes we all need to change our view on mathematics. It’s not about getting perfect test scores — it’s about developing critical thinking skills. It can be fun and imaginative. As long as students’ brains are challenged and stretched, Andrew wants us to start doing a new kind of math.

Andrew’s own life motto is to constantly seek improvement and modifications to one’s opinions. His motto fits well with this year’s theme ‘regenerate’. He loves regenerating his previously-held conceptions into newer, and more informed ones. This is exactly what Andrew will be doing with his talk.  He wants to update the mentality that people approach mathematics with. To revise the way it is taught so that students learn valuable problem solving skills, not just math.