Albert Cherng

Bridging the Gap

Albert Cherng, nineteen, is a first year UBC student majoring in business. He’s always been fascinated by the entrepreneurial mindset and loves the idea of building and starting his own projects from scratch.  He is a fan of photography and videography, and considers himself a huge foodie as well. He is the founder of the Tech Easy Foundation, a local non-profit organization aimed to teach seniors about technology; which is also what his TEDxKids@BC talk will be about.

To Albert, the concept ‘regenerate’ means the ability to spark a connection between two things that were once separated.  At this year’s TEDxKids@BC, Albert’s talk will be called “Bridging the Gap.”  He will be speaking about connecting seniors with technology and youth, by sharing his story of how he got involved with the senior community and what he learned along the way.  He hopes to inspire youth to identify and bridge the generation gap through creative and innovative ways.

Connect with Albert on Twitter @AlbertCherng
Or on Instagram @Acherng