Devika Vishwanath

The True Lessons From My Science Projects

A 10th grade student, Devika is a true science lover. Her love for science has led her to do science projects and participate in science fairs for the last four years. She has won over ten awards for her projects, including two bronze medals at the Canada-Wide National Science Fairs. She credits her originality for her success and feels that if you stay true to yourself, it leads to more creative ideas and a more diverse world.

Devika’s talk “The True lessons From My Science Projects” is a collection of stories of her science projects and the lessons she has learned from each of them. The best learning happens from real life and through her talk she hopes to resonate her learning’s with the audience; that way, they can get a chance to interpret them as they can. Some of her lessons will be familiar and easy to interpret and others will have you stop and think about how it can apply to your own life.

Connect with Devika on Twitter @devikaoctober