Tessa Mouzourakis

The Pursuit of Passion

A 16-year-old singer/songwriter, Tessa Mouzourakis has been writing songs for more than half her life now and as a result has accomplished more than she could have ever imagined. When possible, she performs at festivals and shows across the lower mainland and has even traveled and performed in Washington State and London, England. She is following her dreams and recording her debut EP album that is expected to be released in Fall 2014.

Tessa’s talk “The Pursuit of Passion” will explore her experience in high school and how her passion for music helped overcome the challenges of being bullied and in fact helped flourish her as an individual.  She will explain how passion (for anything) is important and that youth need to be encouraged to display it in a healthy way. Tessa firmly believes that passion can allow individuals to channel their struggles and emotions in a healthy form, and express it in different things like sports, sciences and arts. Having a passion makes the hard parts of life easy to overcome.

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