Meet past speaker Vidaluz Ortuno Nacho

Vidaluz Ortuno Nacho
How would you describe your experience as a speaker?

My experience was very rewarding and empowering. It’s funny how speaking in front of hundreds of people can make you feel so accomplished. I also felt humbled when I heard and socialized with the other amazing speakers.

Why did you apply to be a speaker?

I applied to be a speaker because I thought my story could maybe amuse some and inspire others to  have fun doing what they love and sharing what I learned when it comes to following a passion. Also, the idea to have a TEDxkids talk blew my mind, I’d never thought I get it but I knew that applying was the only way to know for sure. I am so glad I did!!

How has life changed since TedxKidsBC last year?

I have graduated high school and am going to SFU in the fall 2015. Business is still my passion but so is psychology so I am thinking about doing a double major on both. TEDxKids has opened a few doors. I’ve been invited to give a couple of other talks on leadership and empowerment to teens.  I also inspired a friend to apply to TEDxKids 2016!

Also, I got bangs! A lifelong dream that recently came true :)

 What advice would you give to the 2016 upcoming speakers?

Dear Future Speakers: Enjoy meeting the other inspiring speakers, befriend them if you can and if you are nervous about talking in front of a bunch of people think about what you want for dinner when this is all over, that always works for me haha. Also, your talk is unique. There is no use in comparing it with the other speakers’ talks.

This year’s theme is Regenerate. If you were a speaker again what would you speak about?

I would speak about my experience as an immigrant. In many ways, immigrating is like regenerating, especially if one comes from a country with a different language and completely different culture. From my personal experience and from what I gathered from friends when we are adapting to a new culture we have to leave some things behind and mold ourselves in a way that will make us successful in this new country. Canada offers many opportunities so it definitely pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and try out for many school programs, clubs and apply for things like TEDxKids. That’s something I don’t think I would have had access to in my home country, Bolivia. This also happened during my teenage years, a time when I wanted to find out who I really was and how important my cultural identity really was.

 About the picture you submitted:  

The pic I submitted was of me on graduation day with my family all around me. I chose it because just like TEDxKids it was a memorable event in my life. And the picture showed the ending of a huge part of my life. Now I’m about to start something totally new, university.

About The Author

I have a background in creative english. This year is my first year volunteering for TedxKids@BC, hope there will be many more to come.

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