Meet Past Speaker Devika V

Meet Past Speaker Devika V

How would you describe your experience as a speaker?

Speaking at TedxKidsBC was perhaps one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Being able to speak at a Ted event itself is an experience I had only dreamed of achieving. Being able to speak at such a conference in high school itself was definitely an amazing opportunity. As a speaker, I noticed that through practicing for this event, my ability to express ideas through a speech was significantly improved. Preparing for this event allowed me to learn how to communicate my ideas in a clear and interesting way. Also, the training sessions with professional speakers allowed me to learn how to speak passionately in order to engage an audience. However, the greatest asset from my experience as a speaker was that I had a chance to share my passion with like-minded students and inspire these students to pursue their goals.

Why did you apply to be a speaker?

In 2013 I had attended the Tedxkids event. There I was able to listen to speakers who had made such interesting achievements. The speakers seemed like regular students who had pursued their goals and had made amazing achievements.  After listening to these speeches I realized that anyone can achieve such outstanding goals as long as one has the drive. The following year I decided to apply as a speaker to share my goals and trigger the ambition in more individuals.

How has life changed since TedxKidsBC last year?

TedxKidsBC allowed me to meet with many individuals who had much passion. Being able to network with such people opened up new opportunities where I was able to speak to more individuals about my experiences and ideas.

What advice would you give to the 2016 upcoming speakers?

My advice to the upcoming speakers is to make the best out of this entire experience. Improve your abilities to communicate, network with other passionate individuals and most importantly encourage the audience. Make a speech that not only talks about your personal experiences, but also engages the listeners by telling them how to achieve such experiences. This way the listeners will feel empowered and will be inspired to follow through with your advice.

About the picture you submitted:

In May 2015 I spoke at the Abbotsford School District’s “Secondary Educators Conference”, at the Abby Arts Center. I was invited on stage as a part of Tiffany Poirier’s keynote, “Way of the Inquiry Ninja.” I had an opportunity to share my tips on how teachers can support students who wish to do independent inquiry projects.

About The Author

I have a background in creative english. This year is my first year volunteering for TedxKids@BC, hope there will be many more to come.

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