Meet past speaker Tessa Mouzourakis

Meet past speaker Tessa Mouzourakis

About the picture you submitted:

This is the cover photo for my debut EP, available on iTunes!

How would you describe your experience as a speaker?

My time spent with TEDx will forever be one of my favourite experiences. While it was challenging at first to organize my thoughts into a speech, and later learn it enough to present it live, I had a lot of fun. I learned valuable skills in writing, presenting, and improvisation. Backstage before my talk I was incredibly nervous, but the minute I began to tell my story everything fell into place and I left the TED circle feeling so proud of what I managed to achieve.

Why did you apply to be a speaker?

As a musician, I spend a lot of time performing my songs but I rarely get to talk about them. TEDx gave me an opportunity to describe the stories and worries behind my songs, and why music meant so much to me in high school. Going in, I knew my audience would be made up of mostly youth, and as a speaker I wanted to inspire teenagers, just like me, to find a positive outlet and set goals.

How has life changed since TedxKidsBC last year?

Since TEDxKidsBC in November, I’ve been pretty busy. In February, after almost a year of hard work, I finally released my debut EP, titled “TESSA”.  That record was a big turning point for me.  I learned so much about myself and music during the recording process, and also met some amazing people in the industry.  Following the release I’ve been working hard at releasing some music videos to accompany the songs (the first of which will be out soon) and writing new material.

What advice would you give to the 2016 upcoming speakers?

My best advice to this year’s TEDx Speakers, and something to keep in mind whenever you’re faced with a daunting task, is to try not to psych yourself out. As scary as this speech might be, if you’re prepared and passionate you will succeed. This is something I repeated to myself many times backstage, and it worked. Be confident in what you’re presenting and you’ll do great.

This year’s theme is Regenerate. If you were a speaker again what would you speak about?

That’s a tough question, but most likely something related to music. Possibly about remerging and “regenerated” genres in today’s Pop and how in following history, one could predict the next trend. But honestly, it’s hard to say!

About The Author

I have a background in creative english. This year is my first year volunteering for TedxKids@BC, hope there will be many more to come.


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