Meet past speaker Harrison Lee

Meet past speaker Harrison Lee

How would you describe your experience as a speaker?

It was very inspiring to be in the company of so many accomplished youth.

Why did you apply to be a speaker?

I was invited by the organizers and it was a great opportunity to talk about what I love – the yoyo.

How has life changed since TedxKidsBC last year? I continue to be a guest speaker at corporate and public events.  I did a motivational speech at a sales conference about the Ups and Downs of business. LOL  I have my own signature yoyo, the Orca.  It was released in March 2015 and was really well received.  We had 2 sold out runs.  It is sold by my sponsor company Caribou Lodge Yoyo Works (CLYW) in Edmonton Alberta.  It’s my design collaboration with CLYW which I also used as a school project. It was really neat that I got graded on it too. My Hollywood movie came out in December 2014.  It was the first time for me.  Actually it was a really small cameo in the movie The Interview - just 2 seconds in the movie after 2 days of shooting.  I got my name in the trailers though, as the Yoyo Boy.  Seth Rogen director/actor was a really funny guy but serious too on set.

Kim Jong Un didn’t blow us up for watching it.  The theatre release was cancelled after Sony Pictures got hacked and North Korea threatened movie-goers.  It finally was released online on Christmas Eve.  The best part of it for me: hanging out on a Hollywood Movie set

What advice would you give to the 2016 upcoming speakers?

Look inwards to see what motivates you, your passions, and what you would like to share about yourself.

This year’s theme is Regenerate. If you were a speaker again what would you speak about?

Youth is about change.  I would speak about how your interests can change you. In my case, how my yoyo’ing has changed me and allowed me to grow.

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