Life Hacks with everyday items.

Life Hacks with everyday items.
There are thousands of lifehacks out there.  Most are obvious and some are just pure genius.  I know some of you have seen a lifehack and thought "omg, how did I not think of that before??"   I have plenty of times.  Just for you I scoured the internet for what I think are the top 5 Lifehacks that are related to the TEDxKids@BC 2016 theme regenerate.  When I think of "regenerate" the first thing that comes to mind is creating something new out of something old.  The second is creating a new purpose out of an everyday object.  Enjoy!

#5 Save your tape with paperclips (

sourced from

#4 Sunglass phone stand (

Cassette case phone holder (


#2 t-shirt dress (


#1 Rubber band keeper (

#5 I always have a problem losing the end of the tape.  Sometimes folding the end just doesn't make sense because that end could have been used to stick something together, instead of being used and discarded willy nilly the paperclips are a great solution!
#4 With free Wifi available in a lot of places these days more and more people are watching videos on the go.  Ever try to prop up your phone while eating lunch?  Usually ends up leaning against your drink doesn't it?  What happens when you want to take a sip of  your drink?  Using something that you don't need while eating just makes sense.  Using your own sunglasses also prevents you from having to prop your phone against something that could be dirty, or hurting your neck trying to view your phone when its flat on the table.
#3 The only cassette I actually still use is a recording from my grandfather when my sister and I were kids.  The rest are already long gone.  Could have kept the cases...look how handy they are?  Show of (metaphorical) hands from who has smartphones.  Ok... How many don't want to pay $20 for a stand?  Go to a fleamarket and pick up a handy cassette case instead for less than $1.  Sound frugal or does it just make sense?
#2  This is a whole new spin to the term t-shirt dress!!  Got a date and realize you have nothing cute to wear?  Your possibilities for borrowing an outfit have expanded greatly!  Maybe those free oversized t-shirts aren't a waste of fabric after all.
#1 The T-shirt dress was almost #1 but then I found this.  I would have loved this as a kid!  I was always losing hairbands, rubber bands, basically anything small.  I will probably do this myself.  I think back to how many hairbands were bought and lost.  How much my parents spent just to keep my hair out of my face only to find the hairbands under the couch or behind the fridge covered in dust years later.
Every hack here deserves a round of applause.  Most of them I chose because they solve problems I often face.  I always feel like "why buy something when I can make it?" I can only imagine how much money people have saved by using lifehacks instead of buying something made for the purpose they are looking for.
To everyone reading this, These are things that can make my life easier.  Please share lifehacks that you use. :)

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