Fun Facts about TedxKids@BC

The first TEDxKids@BC conference was held in 2011 at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown.  Other venues have been Science World and Michael J Fox Theatre.
TEDxKids@BC would not exist without volunteers of all ages.  The speakers, co-ordinators, website designers, content writers, everyone.  Kids also are involved in staging the event including organizing, production, production, post-production and more.
TEDxKids@BC 2014
Some TEDxKids@BC speakers have created products, started their own businesses, or done more than most adults dream of.  They will be featured throughout the blogs for TEDxKids@BC 2016.  First up is Aanikh Kler.
The ringtone app UndrTheRadr was created by 2014 speaker Aanikh Kler.  The ringtones are designed so only teenagers can hear them.  The idea is that kids can do whatever they want with their phones without annoying their parents.  Part of the proceeds support Free the Children.

Watch Aanikh Kler make his pitch on Dragon's Den

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