An Interview with TEDxKids@BC Speaker Stephanie Wiriahardja from the Power In Me Conference

An Interview with TEDxKids@BC Speaker Stephanie Wiriahardja from the Power In Me Conference

An Interview with TEDxKids@BC Speaker Stephanie Wiriahardja from the Power In Me Conference

Stephanie Wiriahardja was one of our last years “Power in Me” speakers. She spoke about the direct impact and huge shift in the role of social media in personal branding. She recalled her personal experience in the 10th grade when she googled her name and no search results came up; She decided to change that fate and figure out a way to make her mark in the digital world. Be sure to check out Stephanie’s TEDxKids@BC talk “Once Upon Your Time” and find out below with what she’s been up to since then!

How would you describe your experience as a speaker?

I had an incredible experience as a speaker! Honestly, when I first applied to speak at TEDxKids@BC I thought it was a long shot. I’ve always been a fan of TED talks and having attended 3 local ones in the last few years, I knew I wanted to take part and I’m thankful that the speakers’ team gave me the opportunity to. The speaker coaching sessions with BASA definitely helped me craft my talk and made me more comfortable. I did a recap of my key learnings on my blog if you’re interested:

Why did you apply to be a speaker?

I applied because I am passionate about investing in our future generations and I couldn’t have picked a better TEDx to talk at! With the rapid growth of social media today, kids need to be informed about how they can maximize it for their future, instead of being sucked in to its negativities. I’m lucky to be born at the beginning of the digital age so I could understand how life was without all the technology we have today and at the same time see how we can’t live without technology today.

How has life changed since TedxKidsBC last year?

Since TEDxKids@BC last year, I received more recognitions than ever. The most prestigious one was the lifetime achievement Community Manager award, putting me first above all other Community Managers around the world! I’ve given a few talks here and there as well, but not as big of a crowd as TEDxKids@BC yet. I also got promoted to be the Global Ambassador Lead at Hootsuite and just started a new side business, The Selfie Guru!

What advice would you give to the 2014 upcoming speakers?

Don’t be afraid to scratch your whole script and start from the beginning again if you’re not happy with your current script.

This year’s theme is sharing stories around a campfire If you were a speaker again what would you speak about?

Uncovering the mystery of giving a TED talk! After my talk last year, I gained so much insight on what I did wrong (and right). I wish I could share my experience with others to empower them to apply and be speakers!


Connect with Stephanie on Twitter @stephawie



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