An Interview with past TEDxKids@BC Speaker Veronika Bylicki

An Interview with past TEDxKids@BC Speaker Veronika Bylicki

An Interview with past TEDxKids@BC Speaker Veronika Bylicki

Veroika Bylicki is one of our past conference speakers and she spoke about urban sustainability. At the time of her talk, Veronika took her passion into action and co-created an innovative youth conference, Plan-It Earth, which dedicated itself to spreading awareness about urban sustainability and taking action for the environment. Be sure to check out Veronika’s TEDxKids@BC talk “Transforming Our Cities: The Ultimate urban Sustainability” and find out below with what she’s been up to since then!

How would you describe your experience as a speaker?

Having the opportunity to speak at TEDxKids@BC was an experience more incredible that what I imagined it could be. Along the lines of personal growth, I developed skills along the lines of confidence, story-telling, and everything else that comes along with public speaking. I was given plenty of support before my talk in developing what I wanted to say, what I wanted my message to be and how I wanted to say it. Also, in the process of preparing my talk, I had to reflect quite a bit about what my message was and it gave me the opportunity to think about where my passions lie and what message I want to spread in my life beyond the talk as well.

Why did you apply to be a speaker? 

I felt that not a lot of youth have gotten the opportunity to get involved in the fields that I’m interested in, which is sustainable city planning and urban sustainability, and I felt that my perspective was one that was different and therefore should be shared. I thought it would be an excellent means to get my message across.

How has life changed since TEDxKidsBC last year?

Stemming from speaking at TEDxKids@BC, I’ve been invited to continue to spread my message at many other events like youth conferences and workshops. I have also finished high school and entered university, which means that I’ve definitely had some time to learn a lot and develop my message and perspective by getting involved in different projects on a city and university level. I’ve undergone many new and different experiences, all of which have added to my growing perspective.

What advice would you give to the 2014 upcoming speakers?

Soak it all in! Soak in having an incredible network of other speakers, getting to know the incredible individuals who make up the team working on putting the event together, and having a support team to help you reflect on and refine your message so that you can maximize the potential of your talk. Take this as an opportunity to think about what your greatest passions are and what your story is, and you will be fantastic because you will be you!

This year’s theme is sharing stories around a campfire If you were a speaker again what would you speak about?

I would still speak about urban sustainability, and this time I would be able to add in more experiences and a bit of a different perspective. I would also definitely stress the community aspect of urban sustainability, because what better a place to talk about community than around a campfire?


Connect with Veronika on Twitter @veronikabyl

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