The Great Awakening

The refreshing spring breeze blows. It wisps cherry blossoms from their tree branches in to a cascading fluttery wash of petal snowflakes. Spring is here.

The change in weather is like an awakening from a long winter sleep. It stirs us from our dormant state and creates a shift towards new beginnings and greater consciousness. The sunshine and fresh breezes signify winter hibernation is over and it’s time to rouse from our slumber.

Spring is associated with new summer health regimes, spring cleaning and getting outdoors to reconnect with nature. We are stirred by the shift in the seasons to shake up our routine. We look to create more time outside whether to read, be active or spend time with friends, family or pets. We appreciate how good it feels to have the warmth of the sun on our skin, to be active, to eat fresh foods, and to appreciate nature, our neighborhoods and quality time with friends outdoors. We are awakened.

Kids are similar to spring; they have the ability to awake us into greater consciousness, breathe new perspective into daily routines and stimulate deeper appreciation for life. They are the fresh spring breeze that causes us to come back to the current moment, appreciate the simple things in life and stir our thoughts.  Kids see things unfiltered and unjudged, with fresh eyes, in unique ways. They question and probe and test. They are curious, inquisitive and hopeful.

The true potential and insights of kids/youth is largely untapped. They have so much to share and have the ability to greatly enlighten if given the opportunity. TEDxKidsBC aims to unleash the potential and value in this group. The event provides an opportunity to lift up the bright kids/youth in our midst and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts and insights.

Each one of us (whether a kid, youth or adult) has a story or idea worth sharing on stage.

So… what would you want to share? Think about it; write it down and tell us! We want to hear it all. When you take a moment to think about all the ideas you could share it’s incredible how many come up. Imagine, you were giving a 5-20minute TEDTalk, what would you speak about? What would you share that would act like a soft spring breeze stirring everyone into greater awareness?

This event is about sharing those ideas, our ah-ha moments that stir change and enlighten; that make us want to switch things up, do things differently and cause us to understand our surroundings in a whole new way …kind of like the transition into spring.

Written by: Monica Davis

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Wonderful website, thanks for sharing !!

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