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Ever have those days when you want to yell from the rooftops your thoughts, idea, and plans? Guess what? That day is here! That’s right, you heard us right. Applications for our annual TEDxKids@BC conference is now open and we want you to apply. This year our theme is campfire stories. Now don’t get this confused with the traditional ghost stories in the dark type of campfire; Rather, think of it as a campfire where your friends anxiously and excitedly listen to you around the campfire and hear all your wisdom, knowledge and insight about that latest science project you’re working on, your environmental footprint or the latest technology you’re using to combat something bigger than you’ve ever imagined. This is your time to have everybody sit around the campfire and listen to you. Have your story be illuminated by the orange and yellow flames and have the cracking of the fire be the background music to your tale. Need some inspiration? Watch some of our past speakers and imagine yourself in their shoes, sharing your story. Share your wisdom, passion and love with a theatre full of likeminded kids and youth this November and apply today! Written by: Luca Patrk

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