Gearing up for 2014

A year ago I stepped into the Telus World of Science building for a reason other than trying to beat my previous high score on their "Jump!" exhibit. I was guided into a part of Science World sectioned off for mysterious (or so I'd thought) behind-the-scenes activities, into a room where I was greeted by the variety of upbeat faces that form the TEDxKids@BC team today. Our journey so far has been met with running up and down the many floors of our 2013 venue, panicking to meet deadlines and even dancing - Harlem Shake style. I am reminded of it all when I find myself writing out red "x's" and inspirational quotes in-class, getting yelled at for not paying attention, and grinning as waves of happy nostalgia flood out the droning voice of my instructor. Our big event last year was certainly one of the best moments of my life and I am glad that I contributed to a year's worth of targeted goals, hard work, and a great degree of cooperation and positive energy. Being part of this wonderful system of ideas that is TEDxKids@BC reassures me that I am being less of a menace to society than usual.
May this year bring even bigger and better things our way. I look forward to seeing all of you awesome people again soon!
Written by: Grace Nie

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