Choose to Live in the Silver Lining

Whether it’s a break up or sickness, flood, famine or death, I truly believe there is a silver lining to even the most dismal situations ..allow me to explain. I have for many years believed that everything happens for a reason. I don’t know if I’d classify this as destiny per say, but rather a belief that there is greater purpose for the struggle.  I have come to address challenges as lessons I’m supposed to learn and seek the value behind the difficulty. When life decides it’s time for me to learn a lesson, I listen. I analyse what’s going on and how I can gain or become strengthened through the trail process. There is learning and strengthening opportunities behind every struggle. Sometimes this is difficult to identify in the moment but in hind sight I can always find the reason the rough patches were inevitably a 'good' thing. Life's struggles are not easy or enjoyable; but growing isn't supposed to be. Even in physical growth we experience pain, that’s why they call them 'growing pains'; however, with pain comes growth and learning. It is during these growth phases that we are provided with a choice, a choice around how we want to frame our perspective and view of the situation. Both positive and challenging forces are at work at the same time so which do you wish to focus on? The pain or the growth you are experiencing? When I am in a state of trial: feeling doubtful, lost, forlorn or forsaken, I remind myself: life will not throw at me more than I can handle. I choose to take a deep breath and look for the silver lining, because I know it’s in there somewhere ...I just have to find it. It's not always easy to find but one thing I have realized is that life's learning and growth is much easier to handle when viewed through the silver lining perspective; try it.   Written by: Monica Davis  

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