The Science to Happiness & Its Relationship with Gratitude

When we get a little gloomy, we find different ways to make ourselves feel happy again. But what is happiness?
Scientists have defined happiness as “a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”. Psychologists have found that although a part of us are wired to be happy by our genes, we can also alter our happiness through the things we do everyday.
More recently, SoulPancake explored The Science of Happiness. They found that one of the biggest contributing factors to your happiness is equivalent to the amount of gratitude that you show. Watching one of many of their videos, I was really intrigued by the experiment they conducted. In this video, they get participants to think of someone that has influenced them in the past. They were given one week to write and then deliver a letter of gratitude to the person. The catch? They didn’t know they were actually going to be talking to the person. After calling the person, the participants were much happier (although they were also in tears).
One person in my life that I am thankful for is my mom. Although I’m not sure she’s been properly thanked. So I guess this is my open letter to my mom (and I should probably tell her in person).
Mom, thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Because of you, I am the person I am today. You always forgive and I wish I was a little more like you. You give with all your heart. You put your family before yourself. It is because of you, I am who I am. Thank you for always thinking about me. For being concerned when I’m not feeling well even if you’re not. Thank you for always loving me.
I think it’s very important to show gratitude in your life. Not only because it makes yourself happy -according to this experiment but because it’ll make the other person happier too. And in the season of Thanksgiving, I guess it’s an appropriate time to give your thanks. But I hope you carry this into your everyday life. Because I sure hope I do.
So who’s influenced you in your life? Written by: Susan Le

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