Teamwork & Getting to the Top of the Mountain (the OmniMax)

Image Source: Clearly Ambiguous   What does it take to put on TEDxKids@BC? Well it takes many volunteers and many hands, that’s for sure! Now in our 3rd year and with only two weeks to go you can only imagine that things are a little hectic. Every volunteer and team lead is working at full throttle to make sure that everyone who joins us on the 26th of October has a fantastic day. From the graphic design team who is finishing up the cool logos for T-shirts, to the hospitality team who is making sure that you are greeted with a smile, to the production team that will run the event on the day of with smooth precision, many hours are given with a big smile and a warm heart. Sure the glaring reason for all of the work and hoopla would be to put on an entertaining and inspiring day. But really it’s so much more. Over this past year we have built our biggest event to date and this has taken many more people pitching in to help. Many people who have forged new friendships, learned from each other, and built new skills. We think that many may tell you that the people they have met and what they have learned this past year is more important to them then the actual event itself. And of course all of our volunteers’ hard work and planning is unfolding to be quite a grand day. We will welcome over 300 people to climb up to the top of Telus World of Science OmniMax theatre. To be charmed by speakers and performers who will leave you with insiration that will have your head full of new super powerful ideas. Remember though, it’s those wizardly volunteers who have made it happen. A tip of the hat to them all and a big thank you! From the people who started TEDxKids@BC ~ Kima, Kole, Dragana, Velibor, and Janice        

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