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Have you ever been inspired? I mean that deep, down-rooted feeling of inspiration where you know that failure is not an option. Where rejection isn’t an option. Where negativity isn’t an option? That’s the kind of inspiration that fuels my soul. Often I find myself inspired daily. Whether it’s the people I work with, go to school with, or simply meet and am privy to have a conversation with. Other times it’s by the music that fills my ears, the art that my eyes can’t turn away from or the dinner I just had and am still salivating over. My point is, inspiration is everywhere. It comes in different forms. And it especially comes from different sources. When I am inspired, that’s when I often start my biggest ventures, and face my biggest fears and doubts, head on! My influences over the last few years have inspired me to run my first half marathon. To apply for the job I never thought I would get. To write my first children’s book.  To put myself first. And you know what? I have now run two half marathons, I got offered my first job in my career field, I finished my first children’s book and above all, I put myself first. TEDxKids@BC aims to inspire each and every one of you. Weather you get that inspiration through the many volunteers behind the scenes who make this event possible, or through the speakers and performers who grace out stage. We just hope that you get the inspiration you need to better yourself, your homes and your communities. Reach for the stars. Conquer your dreams. Do the impossible. Be kind. And most importantly, inspire each other.   Written By: Luca Patrk  

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