Fighting SAD!

I dread winter. I dread it more than stepping into a puddle of icy cold water without rain boots on! The thought of the super-short days in tandem with November’s torrential rains leaves me feeling isolated and melancholy...
What I’m feeling is typically described as Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD). And I guess you could say that I’m happy I’m not the only one who gets SAD. Discussing it at work this week I discovered my colleague feels equally burdened by the impending gloom. What is it they say about misery loving company?
Anyways, this got me thinking - what can I do to negotiate SAD in a better way this year? I know there are lists of ways of creating a synthetic summer atmosphere to try and stave off the wintry feelings. Also - braving the rain and heading out to the gym or for a soggy run can bolster endorphins; this can take the edge off.
Somehow though I wanted to find a deeper solution. Something that might minister to the soul and not just the physical aspects of SAD. I’d like to present my untested theory; a theory we may all want to try testing together!
“A merry heart does good, like medicine!”
In the moments when I start to dwell on the murky puddles outside my door I want to try and focus on finding some small way to make the world better that day. We’ve all heard of Paying It Forward or Random Acts of Kindness. Well, I’m basically borrowing from those ideas! Just imagine if only one percent of the world’s population made one tiny change to make a stranger’s day better or leave the planet in better condition! That could mean an extra 70 million smiles shared, 70 million bus seats freed up, 70 million repurposed plastic bags, 70 million thank-yous, 70 million pieces of trash picked up; really the list could go on and on! The only limit is your imagination...
The theory is that this daily gift won’t only distract me from my SADness but hopefully it will break down the walls of isolation that come when suddenly our interactions become hampered sloshing through the celestial spray; separated by rain-hoods and umbrellas.
I’m desperately human so I surely can’t promise I’ll have success with this every day - but I’m pledging to try! I’d love to invite all of you to try with me. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll all manage to shine through the gloom!
The Power is in Me - and You...
Written by: Stephanie Betzold
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