Getting Involved Behind the Scenes

The reasons for volunteering will be different for every individual in the world. In my case, I was first invited to join the technical team 3 weeks before the event last year to support the production team wrapping up the planning of the event. The team is a small group of dedicated volunteers who was doing so much work with a rare passion to make sure the show will reach and surpass the norm of a TEDx event. I was so excited! I could say that I was involved with a TEDx event, that I was volunteering, and that I am making a difference on this planet. How cool was that? We put in the long hours needed and made it happen as best as we possibly could. Our event was so inspiring that someone in the crowd decided to create his own event. I believe everyone involved did a good job...
Sometimes in life we get caught up in the moment and get distracted regarding the context of our actions. As we are in meetings, laying wires, sending thousands of emails, reaching out to people, what are we really doing? In my case, I love to see all of my actions related to TEDxKids@BC in a bigger and very generous context; I invest my time, energy, and efforts in creating an environment where youth can share their stories and ideas with a large number of recipients in the room, and exponentially bigger number of viewers on the internet. These listeners can then be moved, touched, and inspired by the talks and get going on their own projects! The ripple effect is infinite! I could be resolving an error on a spreadsheet ensuring a smooth show and the effect, most likely never attributed to the people involved behind the scenes, could be someone watching an inspiring talk in Uganda and transform the habits of his whole village and develop new innovative systems.
I want to thank every single one of the volunteers involved in this project for their altruism and passion for creating a better world. I am also grateful to be on board so that I get to work with inspiring people like Dragana & Kima, who had this vision of an event to inspire the next generations, and all the other inspiring leaders!
Together, let's spin the world in a great direction!
Josh Hemond
Director of Production

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